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Magenta gown inspired by Elsa in Frozen 2 

A springtime staple. Sure to be worn over and over again! <3 She's going to feel like a queen in this dress! 

*Magenta dress content is a rayon/spandex body, with a poly/spandex mesh skirting overlay!* measurements are in the last picture, and the background of that picture is a cell phone shot i took, i think that depicts the true color best 
Magenta Gown does NOT have finger rings attached to the mesh skirt overlay
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Every one of these dresses was made with love. These dresses are all made by humans, in the USA. Something I am so proud of. Something I feel is just the right thing to do!

side mesh skirt DOES NOT HAVE the finger rings on this dress 

A lot of time, and love, and care went into creating this special dress for your girl! I truly hope she loves it!!!!

Photography by
Autumn Branscome Photography