"Captain Marvelous" flawed/sold as a second BLACK FRIDAY SALE

$ 12.25 $ 49.00

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dress is sold AS IS, dress does have minor flaws, but is still absolutely adorable and perfectly wearable 
small but functional side pockets 

PLEASE NOTE this dress is running a FULL size small, so BUY THE SIZE up from what you normally buy...2 is running like an 18m, the 4 is running as a 2, the 6 is running as a 4, the 8 is running like a 6, the 10 is running like an 8, the 12 is running like a 10, the 13/14 is running like a 12, the 16 is running like a 13/14 



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Photography by 
Andrea Martin Photography
Tonya Hurter Photography