Pretty in pink soft modal Romper

$ 78.00

small limited edition

romper is fitting TTS for the most part, the pants are specifically designed to be pulled up on the calf so they might now hit at ankle length. 


Size 2: 9x22x28
Size 4: 9.5x24x31
Size 6: 10.5x26x36
Size 8: 11x28x38
Size 10: 11.5x30x39
Size 12: 12x30x40
Size 14: 12.5x31x42
Size 16: 13x32x44

Measurements are approximate and I’ve been finding there to be an approximate 1” tolerance on the mesh skirt measurement. 

First number is Bodice x second is the mesh skirt x 3rd is the total length not including straps.

Orders cannot be cancelled or changed once placed, so please be mindful when ordering. Orders won’t be cancelled due to successful cart buddy.

Address cannot be changed once an order has been placed, please log into your account prior to load time to make sure you have the correct address, I cannot ship to a different address than what is listed on my screen.

Combining orders is extremely time consuming for me, so generally if you place 3 different orders, they will all ship separately. (Shipping really is about the same if placed together or separate)

Emails get buried, especially on load night. If you need to get a hold of me, it’s best to message me on my personal Facebook, or on the placard Facebook page messaging platform!

There are no cart limits (within reason) 

This load is limited, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! I won’t be able to accommodate exchanges, because I won’t have the inventory available to do so!

This romper will not be remade. So if you want her, grab her now, because I won’t be making anymore.

Shipping... Placard is small. And when I say small, I mean, shipping from my kitchen island while Evy runs around begging for my attention small! 😂 It takes me a while to get though all the orders. I will do my best to get these out ASAP, but please understand I’m just 1 person!
Generally 10 business days, but I’m going to do my best to get them all out so fast!!!!! #shippinggoals

Every one of these rompers was made with love.  All made by humans, in the USA. Something I am so proud of. Something I feel is just the right thing to do!

side mesh skirt has little gold finger rings that she can slip onto her fingers to pull the skirt up. 

A lot of time, and love, and care went into creating this special romper for your girl! I truly hope she loves it!!!!

Photography: Autumn Branscome Photography